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Turkey Earthquake Pictures


   Antrax2.jpg (61713 bytes)   A devastating earthquake known as the Gölcük - Izmit earthquake occurred August 17, 1999, with a Mw = 7.4 magnitude. The large number of buildings which collapsed during the 1999 Ismit earthquake in Turkey is thought to have resulted from poor or unregulated construction. The scale of destruction and human tragedy are really beyond what words or pictures could describe


Lesson_in_the_school.jpg (88253 bytes)   Our medical teams set up in neighborhoods mostly devastated by the quake.


Spleen.jpg (61362 bytes)  Turkish Army Major Pinar, MD, having also lost her family's home to the earthquake, joined our team enabling us to be a major asset to the Turkish Army and Red Crescent Societies.  Each morning our team filled our transport vehicles from the Turkish Army supply depots with much needed food and other staples for delivery to those in hunger and need.


Waiting tent Rustag.jpg (58797 bytes)    We established medical sites in devastated neighborhoods in parks and cleared areas, this one overlooking the Sea of Marara.


   More than occasionally, we offered much needed love to those who lost so much.