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Cambodia Pictures

 River.jpg (69200 bytes)  Villagers traveled from remote areas by river boats to seek medical care.  The country is slowly recovering from a Communist faction headed by Pol Pot, who took control of the country in 1975 to began a violent, forced restructuring aimed at returning the country to an agrarian communal society, leaving many trails and roads still mined with explosives.  Travel in many situations is difficult otherwise.

Mothers.jpg (79099 bytes)  Young Khmer mothers continue rebuilding their lives in the former Khmer Rouge stronghold region.

 Four Girls.jpg (70080 bytes) Young Cambodians are experiencing a new and positive openness to outside influences.

 Crowds.jpg (78621 bytes) About a total of four thousand patients, and an equal amount of bystanders wanting to share in this outpouring of love, gathered near the medical tents in north western Cambodia approximately 30 kilometers outside Batdambang.

 Malnutrition.jpg (58350 bytes) A young new born shows signs of malnutrition in this land struggling to rebuild itself from previous years of oppression.

 ELT w high Monk.jpg (52401 bytes) This Buddhist High Monk declared he,  ". . .  never felt so much love."

KZ Doc.jpg (48802 bytes) This Cambodian medical surgeon joined us who was previously tortured into submission as a child during the radical and oppressive Pol Pot Regime.  Later, after his medical education in Kazakhstan, he returned to find himself performing life saving surgery on his former tormentor, but was willing to forgive, an example for us all. 

LynneDayne treatment.jpg (65474 bytes) Many, if not most, children in this jungle region suffer from parasite infestation.  Here medical team workers treat them with a solution to ease the discomfort.

Daily Cow Washing.jpg (49942 bytes) Daily along side the clinic cows were walked to the river to be washed.  This is the same river water the medical team was required washed in, and otherwise cool off from the high humidity.

Typical Kahmer Family Dining.jpg (63068 bytes) A typical Khmer family dinning table set  under the main home structure which is on stilts because Cambodia is mostly a flood plain.

Angkor2.jpg (85282 bytes)   Angkor3 Tree.jpg (87158 bytes)  Hindu and Buddhist temples remain in the Angkor region, built during the 8th, 9th, and 10th centuries CE .  Many are being preserved historically.  This one, known as Ta Prohm remains in a state of ruin to show the all consuming power of the surrounding jungles.