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Afganistan Pictures

ANthrax2.jpg (62466 bytes)

This young Afghan mother is suffering from Anthrax, completely unknown of in America. Double click thumbnail to enlarge photo. Anthrax is an infectious disease of animals, especially herbivores, due to presence in the blood of Bacillus anthracis.

Antrax2.jpg (61713 bytes)

Her daughter is malnourished.  Double click thumbnail to enlarge photo.

Lesson_in_the_school.jpg (88253 bytes)

School lessons are being taught to young Afghan girls in this reed matted shelter in Northern Afghanistan.  

Spleen.jpg (61362 bytes)

Young Afghan boy with enlarged spleen possibly caused by recurrent malaria and pneumonia or pulmonary edema, both unable to be definitely diagnosed for lack of proper medical equipment.

Waiting tent Rustag.jpg (58797 bytes)

June 200, nine medial staff saw 4,000 patients in Afghanistan, where fully 80% would have been immediately hospitalized if seen in the United States of America.  This day female patients were being seen, as Islamic law separates male and female patients.  Thousands showed up daily. 

Afghan_group_photo.jpg (55242 bytes)

Two Tajik and four Afghan support staff, together with the nine veteran medical staff, seeing about 4,000 patients, just returned from Afghanistan. The medical team was made up of nationals from four countries, the USA, the UK, Japan and Tajikistan.